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We are located in the northeastern part of Seoul and can be reached from Sanggye subway station (line #4), and Junggye station (line # 7); both stations that are within walking distance to our school. By using public transportation, there are many buses that frequently travel between the subway station and the academy and it only takes around 5 minutes.

The area where we are located is the busiest area in this part of Seoul. There are many shops, restaurants, cafes, and entertainment areas that are easily accessible. Many teachers from the various ESL academies including YBM's three other sister schools gather at the local pubs in this area.

At Nowon ECC, there are many employees working in as a Korean and foreign teachers, Korean kindergarten teachers and an administration staff. Our Manager has been working at Nowon ECC for many years now and she knows how to work with the foreign staff, as she was previously an academic supervisor. Our academic supervisor also has been here for many years now. Nowon ECC like the other YBM ECC schools on this website are owned by YBM Education and your contract will be backed by the YBM Head Office.

If you like hiking, this is the place to be. There is a mountain ridge close by but please don't assume that this area is less developed then downtown Seoul. Northern Seoul is a very exciting area of Seoul with more than two million plus living in this part of Korea, offering all the amenities found in central Seoul. From our school you can directly get to popular and lively Daehangno area, where you can catch live shows and events performed by college students and artists, or eat at the many eateries that cater towards all price ranges.

The housing offered at Nowon ECC is the officetel loft-type housing, which provides more space than normal studio officetels, as well as a separate sleeping area. The housing provided by Nowon ECC is also close to the school being just a 10-minute walk or a short shuttle bus ride away.

Come and work at Nowon ECC.

Have a nice day!

Nearest Subway Station: Sanggye Station, Line 4 & Junggye Station, Line 7
Nearby Attractions: Dongdaemun, Daehangno (University Street), Myeongdong

6F, Seongmo Bld., 359-11 Junggye 1 dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul 139-220

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