Welcome to Gangdong ECC!

Gangdong ECC (just a minute walking distance from Godeok Station, Line 5) is located in the Eastern part of Seoul just south of the Han River. It is known as the greenery area of Seoul with lots of parks but still very urban as there are plenty of amenities within the district. Furthermore, as Gangdong is locate din Seoul, it is only a short commute to the compact-busy areas of Seoul.

The housing provided at Gangdong ECC is one of the most spacious single studios/lofts YBM ECC provides and it is only a short walk from the school. With all YBM ECC schools, the housing provided will be furnished and rent-free as it will be covered by the employer. (Find below some pictures of the housing provided by Gangdong ECC.)

As there are numerous other private academies in the Gangdong neighborhood, instructors will be surrounded with a large group of expats within the region. The area also is home to many locals which populates the area with apartments, shops, department stores, fitness centers, restaurants, medical clinics, cafes and more.

Furthermore, Gangdong is surrounded by numerous parks such as: Iljasan Park, Han River Park, local parks, and of course the Olympic Park, which offers a great environment for watching watch various sporting events and musical performances or just to have a nice leisurely stroll after work.

Gangdong ECC has around 10 (Native English speakers and Korean English teachers) in the teaching staff. The manager has been an employee of YBM Education for many years, and knows work well with the foreign staff. It is a very positive and friendly working atmosphere for those who enjoy working with children.

This area provides the best of both worlds. It is located in Seoul, and yet an area that is not as congested and crowded as other areas of Seoul. Apply to Gangdong ECC today to secure your position to the school that has it all!

Hope to see you soon!

Nearest Subway Station: Gangdong Station Line 5
Nearby Attractions: Jamsil Lotte World, Han River, Olympic Park.

5th Floor, Goewo Bld., 47-2 Myoungil-dong

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