Gangdong ECC

Gangdong ECC is located within one minute from Godeok subway station on line 5 (the Purple line) exit number 4. Gangdong ECC is located on the 5th floor of a commercial building surrounded by many shops, restaurants and even a large discount outlet E-mart. (The Korean version of Wal-Mart) The single studios/lofts we provide our instructors are also just a short walk from our school.

Gangdong ECC is located in a very popular area of Seoul. Here you will run into many other foreign teachers from the surrounding ESL academies. This area has many apartments, shops, department stores, fitness centers, restaurants, medical clinics, cafes, all the things a mid to middle-upper income district in Seoul would have. This is also a great area due to its numerous parks: Iljasan Park, Han River Park, local parks, and of course Olympic Park, which offers a great environment for watching watch various sporting events and performances. You can also see over 200 sculptures and works of art throughout this park, while having a picnic or a leisurely stroll.

Currently Gangdong ECC has around 10 (Native English speakers and Korean English teachers) who make up our teaching staff. Our manager has been an employee of YBM Education for many years now, and knows how to work with the staff. Gangdong ECC is known for providing a very positive and friendly working atmosphere.

This area provides the best of both worlds. It is located in Seoul, and yet an area that is not as congested and crowded as other areas of Seoul. Apply to Gangdong ECC today to secure your position to the school that has it all!

Hope to see you soon!

5th Floor, Goewo Bld., 47-2 Myoungil-dong
Tel : 02-442-0509

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